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  • Logistics, warehouse, FEA
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  • Personnel management, HR
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  • Charity
  • Beauty and Health
  • Top management, directors
  • IT, programming, freelance

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  • Business coaches
  • Administration, middle management
  • Top management, directors
  • Personnel management, HR

A little about the project

MyRank's service allows to evaluate various qualities of users on a 10-point scale and to derive a general average rating of their rating.

When evaluating a user on any criterion, the evaluator has the opportunity to enter his feedback, explaining why he Has put this or that estimation.

According to general and average estimates, polar diagrams are constructed by categories and evaluation criteria. Ideally, the diagram should be a circle - a wheel that travels freely and smoothly throughout life.

This is the result of MyRank's mission: to help people control their priorities and to "level the wheel" of their lives.

How the service work

  • User Registration / Company Registration.
  • Fill out the profile information to get the highest score.
  • Evaluate partners, colleagues and acquaintances, leave feedback about them.
  • Increase the profile rating, get feedback.
  • High rating - career growth.
  • Look for partners for your business.


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