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By creating an account on any Myrank website (including, you accept and agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy, which governs the collection, processing and transfer of your personal information. information and data on this site.


The current version of the Privacy Policy is available at - ( The User undertakes to follow the current version of the Policy, as well as the version of the Policy from the moment of using the Portal or its services.


We encourage you to read this privacy policy carefully. If you do not accept any part or all of the terms and conditions in force at the time of publication, you may refuse to use this site. Information we collect on the site:

Primary information. When you create an account on the Website, we collect primary information such as your username, password, and email address. This is necessary in order to identify you as a Myrank user when logging in to the website. In addition, you have the ability to add other information, such as a photo and demographic information, to your profile.


Cookies, IP addresses and browser settings

We use cookies on this website. These files do not collect any personal information other than the user's computer. When you log in to the Website, only your browser settings and your computer's IP address will be recorded. This is necessary so that Myrank can track cases of misuse of the site, or any illegal actions taken in connection with access to and use of the "website".


By using this website, you accept and agree that we use cookies as follows:

- for the general estimation of traffic of a site and for calculation of number of visits of a site;

- to understand from which sites and / or domains site visitors come to us;

- to assess which pages or parts of the website were visited by site visitors, as well as to know the geographical area of ​​the site guest, which may be required for the issuance of targeted, regional content;

- to improve and optimize the work of users on the website, for example, to store and remember your user ID and password each time you visit the website;

- to guarantee the quality of the content and to prevent violations or abuse in connection with the use of the Website and / or the writing of reviews;

- to display certain advertisements / commercials on the Website that we believe may be of interest to you.


Disclosure of personal data and other information

Please note that your acceptance of and acceptance of this policy means that your profile / account on the Website cannot be hidden. This means that when you create / open a profile / account on the Website, your profile will be able to be viewed by other users of the Website.

In addition, some other data collected, including reviews, comments, and photos, are automatically made available to other users of the Website.

"Every time you visit or send a message through the Website, your current location via the IP address of your computer or the location data provided by your mobile phone or other device becomes available to any user." Website ".


How we use information

Myrank processes, collects, and logs the primary information you provide when you create an account. For example, your name, password, and email address, as well as your IP address.

In addition, Myrank processes, collects and records any other information used for other services on the Website. You are personally responsible for any information you choose to make publicly available on the Website.

Any information collected through the Myrank Website may be used for the following purposes:

- for internal review / evaluation;

- to improve the work of the "Website" and its services;

- to facilitate and optimize third-party products / services through the Website;

- to notify / inform you of any changes / modifications to the "Website" and other services;

- to notify / inform about services, products and promotions that may interest you;

- to provide services and products on your request, as well as personalized or advanced services.


External links to other sites

This Site may contain links to other, third-party sites and services. Remember that you visit such sites at your own risk and realize that the privacy policies of such resources may differ from Myrank's privacy policies. Therefore, we encourage you to always read the privacy policies of these websites before using them.


Data security

We take security seriously, so Myrank makes the most of its resources to store and protect your personal information. But since the Internet can not guarantee 100% security, the "Myrank" system does not guarantee such (100%); as well as 100% storage of information stored or distributed on the "Website". Note that emails sent through the form on the Website are not encrypted, so Myrank advises you not to send any confidential data using this form.


Delete cookies

You can always delete cookies in your browser. To do this, check your browser settings, which will include an option such as deleting cookies. However, please note that some parts of our Website may not function fully if you delete our cookies. Therefore, we recommend that you do not delete cookies from our site.


Access, edit, update or delete your information

If you notice that the information provided to you by the "Myrank" system misleads you or is incorrect, "Myrank" reserves the right to correct this upon request. You can also correct or edit the error yourself, if possible.

You cannot delete your account from the website. However, your account may be suspended, and other site users may continue to see its information. If your account has been suspended, you will not be able to leave comments, send messages or rate services.

"Myrank" reserves the right to block your access to your profile if the content of your profile or profile or on the Site is racist, containing erotic or pornographic material, uncompetitive, offensive, unethical, threatening or otherwise violates current legislation of Ukraine, third party rights or the purpose of the Website. If your account is blocked, you will receive an email at the email address provided during registration, which will also indicate the reason for the suspension of your account.


Changes / updates to this privacy policy

Myrank reserves the right to make changes and edit its privacy policy at any time without notice. We will do everything necessary to ensure that all users of the site are notified in advance. "Myrank" notifies users / visitors of such sites when visitors / users visit the Website. Use of the Site after the publication of an updated / changed version of the policy will be considered acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy.


Contacts regarding this privacy policy

If you have any questions about Myrank's privacy policy or any issues related to us in general, you can contact Myrank by writing to


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