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Сумы, Украина
Administration, middle management Top management, directors Personnel management, HR IT, programming, freelance

web development

Main profession
Personnel management, HR
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Persons quantity
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Fedorenko A.I.
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Human Resource Management, HR
The ability to determine the need for new employees in the division
The ability to set goals and formulate the requirements for the post
Skills of choosing the best way to attract staff (recruitment agencies, employment centers, media, universities, databases, internal competitions, etc.)
The quality of recruitment (determined by the percentage of those who left during the trial period from the total number of employees accepted)
The level of staff turnover
Degree of correspondence of the skills of the new employee to company standards
The time of the closing of the vacancy (the time it took to determine and enroll for an internship / in the staff of the candidate chosen)
IT, programming
The breadth of technical knowledge
Perseverance in the work (bringing ongoing projects until the end, the number of successfully completed projects)
The level of learning (how quickly the new technology is learned, necessary for the work / project management)
The approach to development (how often the code is rewritten in the process of work, how much the architecture of the decisions taken is taken into account)
The culture of code (0 - with zero extensibility and no comment, 10 - with comments, well-designed, easy to use and scale)
Presence of own projects (0 - lack thereof, 10 - people use your work)
Operativeness of work
Internal policy of the company
Level of social guarantees
Level of payment
The level of staff professionalism
The level of staff motivation
Working conditions
Degree of satisfaction with leadership
Company foreign policy
Quality of services provided
Transparency and level of automatization of business processes
The level of return on investment
Positive history of market activity
Demand for services provided
The level of influence in the competitive environment
Level of professional knowledge
Quality of work
Rapid provision of information
The quality of information (reliability, confirmation of the facts, analytical articles)
Availability (sold in many outlets, there is access via the Internet, a popular TV or radio channel)
Organization of sales in its own outlets, online stores and partner stores
The ability to unite the team
Ability to plan work
Level of professionalism of work
Negotiating skills
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