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Luminhome Lighting

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Рио-Бранко, Бразилия
Sales and Customer management

Luminhome Lighting, LED Lighting manufacture base in China have won lots of appraising from our clients in the past 10 years. We still try our best to provide the better and better LED products & service. Luminhome Lighting always your best choice! About Us Luminhome lighting provide one-stop services in lighting design and manufacture of LED luminaries.It is an ambitious company commits itself to becoming a worldwide lighting supplier in high-power LED Industrial lighting, Commercial lighting and Family lighting industry.Since its establishment in July, 2003 in Guangzhou by Mr. Simon and Mr. Rondo,Luminhome Lighting has been rapidly developing its business all over the world. Over 100 of 400 employees constitute the designer team, each of them graduated from well-known universities in China and overseas in the areas of optics, thermodynamics, industrial design, electrical engineering, information engineering, arts, etc.

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Sales and Customer management
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Simon kang
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