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Балларат, Австралия
Aviation Business coaches Marketing, PR and Advertising

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Петя Пяточкин
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Convenience of forms and methods of payment for transportation services (purchase through aggregator sites, purchase on the airline's website, etc.)
Transparency of conditions for ordering additional services ((baggage allowance, change of ticket parameters, check-in for a flight, choice of a place, purchase of food and drinks on board)
Professionalism of the personnel
Compliance with the price and quality
Readiness for contingencies
Marketing, advertising, PR
The level of increase in applications to the company after the start of cooperation
The size of the sales funnel after working with the company
The level of brand recognition after the work done
Level of market share
Number of committed calls
The conversion level (total number of visitors / number of customers who made a purchase / used the service, etc.)
ROI (percentage of returned funds spent on advertising)
Internal policy of the company
Level of social guarantees
Level of payment
The level of staff professionalism
The level of staff motivation
Working conditions
Degree of satisfaction with leadership
Company foreign policy
Quality of services provided
Transparency and level of automatization of business processes
The level of return on investment
Positive history of market activity
Demand for services provided
The level of influence in the competitive environment
Director / Owner of the Company


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