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Полтава, Украина
Administration, middle management Procurement and supply Logistics, warehouse, FEA Sales and Customer management Trades Another specialization

Main profession
Procurement and supply
Persons quantity
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Administration, middle management
Level of professional knowledge
Quality of work
The amount of work performed
Responsible attitude to work
Possession and using active listening skills
Ability to navigate in unusual situations
Procurement, supply
Negotiating skills
The average price paid for the product group (how profitable is the business)
The level of control of the purchased product (defect rate)
The level of transportation costs in the structure of total costs for purchases
Timeliness of purchases and deliveries
Logistics, Foreign Economic Activity
Provision of appropriate storage conditions for goods (dry cool room, fridge / freezer, maintaining a plus temperature, etc.)
Convenient location of relatively large transport corridors
Possibility of loading and unloading various types of vehicles (on-board platform, all-metal van, tilt semi-trailer)
The level of security during storage of the goods
Simplicity and efficiency of contract conclusion
Sales, client management
Coefficient of customer retention
The number of contacts with customers
The ability to identify the customer's need
Skills to work with objections
Professionalism (knowledge of the product - own and competitors, attention to detail, the skill to keep in mind the features of various clients, the skill of working in unusual situations)
Implementation of customer's plans-orders
Amount of profit from transactions
Convenience of the location of the trade point (comfortable room temperature, quality of repair and equipment, cleanliness in the trade room)
Freshness of products
Quality of commercial equipment (ensuring regulatory conditions for storage of products)
The breadth of the range
Accessibility for people with special needs
Availability of different payment options (cash or cashless settlement, installments, credit)
Quality of advice on the selection of products
Availability and clarity of the loyalty program
Another specialization
Internal policy of the company
Level of social guarantees
Level of payment
The level of staff professionalism
The level of staff motivation
Working conditions
Degree of satisfaction with leadership
Company foreign policy
Quality of services provided
Transparency and level of automatization of business processes
The level of return on investment
Positive history of market activity
Demand for services provided
The level of influence in the competitive environment
Director / Owner of the Company

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